The Witch’s Broom – Western Veil Nebula and Friends

Witch’s Broom Nebula – 90×30 sec, QHY183c, -25C cooling, Gain 30, Offset 5, UHC filter, Televue TV-85 at F/5.6.

After a few all-nighters during the recent good weather we’ve been having down here in Cajun Country, I must say I’m worn out.   LoL.   But, I had lots of fun shooting very dim objects through Bortle Red Zone skies that I would have never thought would let me capture what I did.   Modern progress with astro-filters and more sensitive cameras save the day!  Plus, none of the stuff I bought broke the bank.

Since I shot the Eastern Veil with the new setup, I had to try the western part, aka the Witch’s Broom.   It was easy with the QHY183c and a cheap UHC filter.  I got 45 minutes worth of 30 second sub-images and they stacked automatically in SmartCap 3.2.  Star colors could be better, but this is about normal for a UHC filter shot.  The red channel was not quite in focus, however.   I fixed it after acquiring the data for the above image.

I shot 3 other objects on  this night, Gamma Cas, M33 (again) and the Horse Head Nebula,  with 2 of them completed.  I got clouded out during the last session with the Horse Head.   Below are the results:

Gamma Cas – 75×30 sec, QHY183c, Gain 30, -25C, UHC filter, TV-85 at F/5.6.
M33 – 10×120 sec, QHY183c, Gain 30, -25C, UHC filter, TV85 at F/5.6.


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