How to Beat the Globalists

I think that the consensus of most people who are aware is that at the root of all our problems in this day and age are the New World Order (NWO) globalists. As you may know, they are in the process of implementing a one-world government and global takeover plan. It is mostly the scum known as the international banksters and the insanely (pun intended) ultra-rich that comprise this bunch. They are so greedy that they now want control of the whole world! I’m starting to think that if we don’t do something soon about this issue, then we’ll all suffer the consequences. But what to do?

The fact is, the globalists main form of control is based on controlling the monetary system. So, I would think that we need to find an alternative to that to get around them as a decisive step. That would be the key. Their monetary system is fake, anyway. They create money out of thin air and say it represents something, but it doesn’t have anything that backs it. To break away from their system of control, we need another system that we can control.

If their “money” is the problem, then what exactly does real money represent? It is not a big secret what money actually represents. When you examine it, money turns out it be just stored energy credits. Yes, that is all it really is. A credit for energy. Energy is needed to create all things. Without someone expending energy to create goods or expending energy to do a service, there is nothing. No energy flows or transfers. Without the sun’s energy to grow food, there would not be any. People need food (stored energy) to live and work. Someone has to expend energy to harvest that food and on and on. Energy is the main driver of everything. So, when you pay someone for something, you are just giving them energy credits to account for the energy that a good or service took to create. Control the energy generation and the energy credit trading mechanisms of a society and you can control the world.

We are presently dominated by the fossil fuel energy paradigm. The major banks draw their wealth from the petrochemical industries and control wealth by controlling both energy and the energy credits. We have the “petrodollar” as the prime example.

So, to ultimately solve this, what we need then is a method of producing energy that is totally different than any existing method that the banksters presently control, namely, oil, gas, coal and nuclear. Is there such a thing? Fortunately, there is. Unfortunately, the globalists have severely suppressed this alternative energy knowledge for years. But recently, more and more people are finding out about the suppression and seeing that there are hidden technologies that would produce limitless energy. All we need to do is construct the devices.

Wait, you say? Doesn’t the Second Law of Thermodynamics preclude the construction of “free energy” devices? What many fail to realize is that the so-called “law” only applies to closed systems. In our Universe, there is no such thing as a completely closed system. Everything energetically interacts in some form or another. I will not get into the physics of it, but at a deep level, everything is connected.

With the right type of electromagnetic interaction, for instance, power can be extracted from a vast reservoir of energy that is connected to the rest of the Universe. This power can be used to run motors, create goods from raw materials, generate heat or light, grow food, etc., etc.. All of this costs nothing beyond the initial equipment purchase and maintenance costs.tew1a

This is possible. It has been done before and by many different individuals and groups. Unfortunately for us, some were either ignored, or perhaps bought off. Some were ripped-off, or suppressed (by the government) with seizures of equipment and legal threats or arrests. There were even some who were eliminated – with prejudice. But, despite that suppression, some individuals and groups still kept working on it to discover or rediscover, how to tap this energy reservoir. The cat is now out of the bag, as they say and it can’t be put back in once out. Why do you think there is such a rush for them to complete their NWO plans?

If we had a distributed, self-supporting, self-sufficient, energy grid made up of a number of these devices, we wouldn’t need much from the globalists and their industries. In fact, what need would there be for money if we can create potentially unlimited energy? Since money=stored energy credits, then lots of energy means lots of money, right? Anyone with a device would have the equivalent of unlimited wealth. If we all had it, no one would be poor. Plus, by using this suppressed technology, the pollution and environmental degradation of the past, which was created by the energy/monetary system of the globalists, could be eliminated, all in one step.

We would still have problems, but I think they can be solved. By the way, a by-product of energy technology described above is a propulsion system based on controlling gravity with electromagnetism (electrogravitics.) With that tech, we could start moving manufacturing off-planet as much as possible, which would allow the Earth to heal. Raw materials could be harvested off-planet, too. Population would be stabilized with a stable society in perpetual energy abundance instead of perpetual energy scarcity. We can convert to renewable and recyclable products. Nothing would be thrown away, like the common practice of today. Products would be built to last as long as possible, too, like they should be.

This revolution would destroy the present world order, but since the globalists are trying to do that anyway, what takes its place is what matters. Would you rather a neo-feudal, tyrannical system where 90% of the population is eliminated, or one of self-sufficient individuals united as a whole to stop and reverse the destruction of our environment? The globalists think their system is the only way for us to solve the population, pollution and resource problems (that they caused.) But, that’s because they are trying to keep hold of the power they presently wield. They don’t want to lose that. So, they lie to us and put up a fake reality. They have to keep us fooled, keep us using the petrodollar and convinced that there are no alternative energy systems besides the ones they control. Now that we know that its a scam, we can put a stop to it.

Self-sufficient, determined individuals united in common goals have always triumphed in situations like this. Lying to people or killing them only creates more problems. Keeping the truth from people is the worst possible way to proceed. In a world of free individuals with free energy and without the need for money, only love, wisdom, truth and honor are the commodities that have any real value.

We need to have a way to get on top of the situation and this is the way. Nothing else will stop them. Disable their monetary system with free energy and the free wealth it creates and their system crashes. It is as simple as that.


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