The Universe, Ancient Astronauts and Atlantis

Back in the early 1960′s when I was very young, perhaps only 4 or 5 years old, one of my favorite subjects was space and space travel.  I was fascinated by NASA, rockets, astronauts, science fiction movies about space travel, flying saucers, etc., etc..   I remember watching some of the early Mercury and Gemini launches and experiencing all the hoopla that accompanied them.  Science and space travel were heavily promoted back then and not discouraged like they are today.

One day, while thumbing through the TV Guide or a magazine, I found an advertisement to get two plastic models of NASA’s Mercury and Gemini spacecraft for the bargain price of 10 cents for both, but only if you subscribed to this “Science Program Book Club.”   I couldn’t even read yet, but I just had to have the spaceship models.  So, I got my mother to order them and the subscription for me.

Well, when the two models arrived, so did the first two books I ever owned.  One was called simply, “The Universe” and the other was, “Man in Space.”  They were small paperback books with perhaps 50-100 pages and in the middle, there were a set of color photo “plates” in a tear-out stamp book like format that you would carefully remove, separate the images, lick the back to moisten the adhesive and affix each numbered picture in the corresponding blank boxes scattered throughout the book above the photo’s caption.  The books were written for kids, but my mother still had to read the first two of them to me since I didn’t know how to fully read yet.

Every month, another book or two would come in and I’d get to play with the pictures again and by that time I was learning to read, so I was able to amuse myself for hours with these books and photos.  I had also gotten some glue and assembled my little model spaceships and played with them quite a bit.  I continued to get the books every month for the next few years until I had gotten the whole set that the program offered.

But, it was those first two books that had ignited a spark in me, especially the one called, “The Universe” and that fire still burns in me today.  That first book was really about a subject called, “Cosmology.”  Instead of looking at life from the bottom up this line of study is from the top down, so to speak.  It encompasses the whole of the known Universe and you proceed to understand everything else down from there.   Cosmology then incorporates every other science under it.  To me, it is the best place to start investigations of life’s mysteries and how everything fits together.

In Cosmology you have to have a theory of how the world works from the biggest to the smallest for it to make any sense.  Scientists today are still struggling to understand how the world works and unfortunately, we have most probably been misdirected by the powers-that-be (PTB) in that regard, since they feel only an elite group should hold such knowledge.  I’ll come back to this thought later, but for now lets look at how this all began.

There have been many different theories on how the universe works ever since man first awakened from his primordial slumber.  The first written accounts we know of were recorded on clay tablets by the Sumerians.   These accounts later turned out to be similar to the chapters in the Bible called, “Genesis.”  Naturally, I studied these trying to get a handle on what was going on.

Most people think that these primitive writings were just superstitions of ignorant desert nomads in the middle east.   Personally, I don’t think that is the case.  What if these writings incorporate some truths that came down to us from some other culture or outside group, perhaps a technological civilization that existed in the distant past that was destroyed thousands of years ago?  Perhaps they were even influenced by contact with intelligences from outside our solar system.   By all indications, lots of critical information about our distant past has been hidden away from us by the same PTB mentioned previously.

Case in point:  The late 1960′s book by Erich von Däniken, “Chariots of the Gods?” was one of the first books I owned that was written for a general readership and not for kids.   In it he asked the question, “Did off-world visitors come to Earth in the distant past?”  Despite the popularity of the book with the masses, the PTB were relentless in their desire to suppress what von Däniken had to say.  Try as they might, however, they could not fully suppress the information he was putting out.

Well, I read the book cover to cover more than once and devoured all it had to say.   “Space Aliens” had visited us, I thought and imparted the knowledge of the cosmos to our fledgling ancestors!   But, it could be that the aforementioned hypothetical advanced technological civilization came up with this cosmology on their own and left records and artifacts that they hoped would alert us to what they had found out.

It may be hypothetical to some, but more and more scientists and investigators think that there is lots of evidence for this worldwide technological civilization.  There are interrelated archeological artifacts scattered around the planet, like pyramids, astronomical temples, and the great “megaliths” or giant stone constructions.    These remnants of this society are scattered over the Earth and we are only now realizing that these remnants all date to the same time period.

For instance, the 1990′s discoveries of ancient “temples” like Gobekli Tepe that date back to 12,000 years ago.  Or, the geological studies of the Giza Sphinx that push back it’s construction to the same time period and by inference, the Giza Pyramids date to that age, too.  Why did the ancients go through so much trouble to leave these types or artifacts behind, some people wonder?  In the Gobekli Tepe case, the ancients purposefully buried the site themselves, as if to preserve it for some future descendents.

If you go back and look at the geological records, the data indicates that 12,900 years ago, or just before Gobekli Tepe was built,  the Earth experienced some type of global catastrophic event that killed off quite a bit of the megafauna and some early human cultures that existed at that time.  It’s called the Younger Dryas (YD) Impact Event.

The YD Impact event occurred at the end of the last ice age when it had already warmed up quite a bit from the cold ice age temperatures and the climate was changing somewhat rapidly.  No sooner than it had warmed up a little and the forests sprung up everywhere than the YD impact event happened.  It is thought the YD event was caused by a comet that had broken up and targeted our Earth much like Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 broke up and targeted Jupiter with multiple impacts back in July of 1994:

Comets, being structures of loosely aggregated ice and dust would almost invariably create air-burst explosions, since they would not survive the plunge through the atmosphere.  Their enormous speeds are converted to a tremendous amount of energy.  The resulting explosion could be much more powerful than our biggest hydrogen bombs.  A single air-burst explosion of a big chunk could cover the area comprised of the 48 contiguous states of the USA, for instance.  Since it is theorized that in the YD impact case the comet had broken up into pieces, multiple hits would have occurred and there is evidence for at least 3 impacts, but there were probably more.

The YD Impact Event caused massive flooding as the Laurentide Ice Sheet melted, which made sea levels rise 300 feet and changed ocean current circulation like the Gulf Stream, which cooled the Northern Hemisphere.  Plus, the firestorm from the impact and all the smoke and dust caused a Nuclear Winter-type of scenario that reduced temperatures even further.  Doesn’t this sound like the legends of the destruction of the continent of Atlantis?   But, in this scenario the civilization was worldwide and concentrated on the coasts instead of being localized to one “continent” or island in the middle of an ocean that sunk beneath the waves.

So, the ancients who built the Sphinx, the Giza Pyramids and Gobekli Tepe were probably survivors of a massive extinction event that flooded out their coastal civilization, burnt them out of the interior regions and then froze those that had migrated from the equatorial regions towards the poles in a 1000 year long return to ice age conditions.  These people probably vowed that they would try and leave enough information behind so that a new civilization could be created from the ashes and frozen remains of the old and they would make sure the knowledge could be understood even if they were wiped out completely.  It would at least give a head start so that their descendents would not have to start over from scratch.

The point I’m trying to get at here is what if our ancestors did have actual knowledge of how and why the Universe works, whether by getting external help or discovered on their own and they wanted to protect that knowledge from being lost in another catastrophe?  To get that knowledge to survive, they had to incorporate it into simple concepts that would persist down through the ages and survive until we were more enlightened and capable of understanding it.  They would also build structures that could survive such an energetic event like a string of comets impacting the Earth.  They may have even wanted to warn us of these potential catastrophes since they could be cyclic in nature.

OK, then.  Back to the Bible and the first chapter of Genesis.  Is this part of the knowledge that survived the onslaught of the ages?   Suspend your disbelief for a moment and think about it.  The builders of the megaliths wanted to have what they know survive another impact event and condensed their knowledge down to metaphors that could represent complex knowledge.

By all indications, a timeline of creation could be derived by using the metaphor of days and nights to indicate how long it took, but in a general way.  Could this metaphor have more than one meaning?  I would presume that to be true.  Then, what are the other meanings?   To me, the description is trying to tell us something about the physics of creation or cosmology and that would mean it might refer to dimensions in addition to a timeline of events.  To model  physical processes, we need a geometry of at least 3 dimensions of length, width and breadth, plus a time dimension to make it logically complete.   That makes 4 days/dimensions.  So, what about the other 3 days of the week of creation?  Could they refer to dimensions beyond our normal 3D system and 4th time dimension?   Sure, why not, I say.

Conversely, the 7 days and/or 7 dimensions could refer to the forces responsible for all interactions and would be  in addition to the 3 dimensions of our physical plane of existence, making a total of 10 dimensions.   Funny then, that some of the latest versions of String Theory in Physics are based on a 10-dimensional geometries.  Is there a link?   I have no idea.  But, it is interesting that 7 figures so prominently in mankind’s early cosmologies and just so happens to be the number of days in a week.  Taking the assumption that the survivors of an advanced civilization might come up with simple ways to preserve their knowledge in simple creation myths that could be taught to even young children might have seemed advantageous at the time.  A Code of the Ancients, if you will:

So, why hasn’t this information about encoded knowledge of the ancients more widely known?   Remember the PTB (Powers That Be) that I mentioned previously?   Unfortunately for regular folks like you and I, a secret occult group has taken it upon themselves to hide this knowledge from us.   Like the old adage says, “Knowledge is Power.”

Because of the PTB, our world has been reduced to a struggle of haves and have-nots.  The ultra-rich elite have decided that they want all of the world’s bounty and since it is limited, the have-nots are strictly forbidden from attaining any of it.  Because these elite want to live like kings and have everything and not share, we have the problems we have today.  Its called greed!

What the Code of the Ancients reveals is a cosmology that once understood, could unlock sources of unlimited energy and the secrets of anti-gravity and efficient space travel.  With the advent of the Internet Age, this knowledge can no longer be hidden from us.  We, the have-nots of the world can now figure it out for ourselves and not be limited by a group of individuals bent on world conquest and subjugation of the masses, with the eventual elimination of many of us.

With unlimited energy at our disposal, we would not be dependent on the monopolies that the PTB control and could eventually escape their subjugation.   I think it is past time we start on this great endeavor and we should stop at nothing to attain our ultimate destiny!

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  1. The “primeval sea” talked about in the Sumerian Creation Myth is close to a concept in physics that was tossed aside back in the early 1930′s. It was when the great Physicist, Paul Dirac, created his relativistic equation for the hydrogen atom and it’s single electron. The complete solution had 4 root solutions. It was later figured out that the first 2 solutions described the electron and positron. Thus, Dirac had predicted the positron’s existence before it was discovered in real life. The other 2 solutions were the exact same as the first 2, but the energy state was negative instead of positive and they existed in imaginary space (in dimensions defined with the square root of a negative number.)

    At the time these negative energy solutions were ignored and later re-normalized out of the standard model of particle physics. But, in essence they described a realm populated with an infinite number of electrons and positrons cooled below absolute zero (having negative energy.) They are combined in pairs into negative energy “positronium” and orbit fiercely around one another. Since they’re cooled so low, they form a superconducter-like material or Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC.) BEC’s have a single quantum wave function, unlike normal accumulations of matter.

    If you take the full Dirac equation and not ignore any of the 4 root solutions, then the thing that is described by the two negative energy solutions is called, “The Dirac Sea of Negative Energy.” If some interaction occurs in the sea, the BEC wants to readjust instantly and get rid of any imbalances, so the imbalance “freezes” out of the sea and into solid matter in normal space.

    So, there’s your creation myth mimicking physics. lol

    In fact, this theory can describe all matter as different combinations of positive and negative energy positrons and electrons. The forces of the universe then are all electromagnetic waves and they ride the BEC like it was the aether that was originally proposed long ago as the material that “waved” to produce the wavelengths of all electromagnetic vibrations. An accumulation of charged mass in normal space causes the electron-positron pairs in negative energy space to line up around it in patterns similar to a magnetic field and they go to infinity. So, there’s your electromagnetic force.

    In addition to the electromagnetic field alignments in the Dirac Sea around dipoles there are also alignments that form around all matter. They create a much weaker force with a lot less alignments than the alignments created by charged matter and the resulting force is therefore gravity-like in strength. So, there’s your gravitational force.

    So, quite a bit about the Sumerian creation myth can be applied to this model of reality. Pretty neat, huh? 😀

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