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The Sombrero Galaxy

M104, the Sombrero Galaxy. Taken in May of 2008, revamped in May of 2018. 7×300 @ ISO 800, Canon XT, TV-85 at F/5.6

One of my favorite galaxies.   I like all edge-on galaxies and this one has a uniqueness to it that makes it special.   The original had a splotchy background and the color was muted and dull.   I increased saturation and shifted the color balance to be more bluish.  I used the add noise PS filters to get the background to look smoother.

NGC 891 (2nd Try) – Sony IMX224

NGC 891 on Dec 12, 2017. 60×20 sec @ 1832 Gain, RT Sony IMX224, TV-85 at F/5.6, SharpCap 2.9.

This version of the Outer Limits Galaxy came out better than my first go of it with the Rising Tech IMX224 cam, even though it seems to be slightly out of focus.    I bet I will be trying again soon, since I think it could be better with the right exposure/gain, location and of course, better focus.   🙂

M51 Spiral Galaxy – Sony IMX224

M51 Spiral Galaxy on 12/13/2017. 81×20 sec @ 1832 Gain, Rising Tech Sony IMX224, Televue TV-85, SharpCap 2.9.

Here’s an object I’ve been itching to shoot with the RT IMX224 cam.   This is only 27 minutes worth of 20 sec exposures!    🙂

I think that between 500 and 1000 subs would really be what this object needs with this setup.     In the meantime, I put the above image together with 25 minutes of DSLR camera data taken with the same scope.   Check it out:

M51 – 27 minutes IMX224 and 25 minutes with a DSLR (at a dark site) combined.

M82 Galaxy – Sony IMX224

M82 Galaxy on Dec 11, 2017. 333 x 8 sec @ 2098 Gain, RT IMX224, SharpCap 2.9, TV-85 at F/5.6.

I imaged this galaxy with the Rising Tech Sony IMX224-based Eyepiece/Guider cam the other night.   It could use more time, but what I did get shows it well enough.   Color on the stars were lacking since the gain settings I was using washed them out.