Centralized vs. Decentralized Energy Production

Recently, I’ve read about some people looking at new nuclear technologies like Thorium Reactors as a solution to our energy problems.   To me, there is no reason for another centralized solution like thorium nuclear power when a decentralized solution like Cold Fusion tech has already been proven to work, despite the NWO globalists’ denials and their suppression of the technology.  These systems could make anyone an independent energy producer, free of the yoke of fossil fuels, nuclear or any other centralized solution.  If there is anything that we should all remember about our current plight is that only if you are independent can you be truly free.

In regards to Cold Fusion, there are a few units in the pipeline that will be out very soon.  Google “Rossi Cold Fusion Energy Catalyzer”, “Defkalion” and “Blacklight Power” if you have any doubts.

In addition to LENR (cold fusion) there are lots of other technologies that are being suppressed that could alleviate our dependence on fossil fuels, nuclear and other centralized energy generation schemes.  So-called, “Zero-Point” energy devices are quickly becoming the method of choice for powering things.   There’s a guy in the Philippines (Ismael Aviso) with an electric car that runs off a single 12-volt battery that charges itself as it runs.  The Philippine Dept of Energy tested it and said it was almost 140% efficient, and that’s just a preliminary design.   Just think how efficient it could get once the design is perfected.  The technology could also provide power for a home with a generator based on the same ideas.

Then there’s the hydroxy systems that generate Brown’s Gas (Hydroxy gas) to run current combustion engines, some at 100% hydroxy with no gasoline, most others at some smaller percentage to boost gas mileage.  That tech could run a generator for a home, no doubt.  This is an immediate solution we could be using now, but for the fact that our government adds about $0.50 in taxes to the price of every gallon of gas we buy.   That means anything that reduces fuel consumption would impact all the corporate, military and political pigs feeding at the government trough.  So, this tech is being suppressed by our own government because of that.

In the near future, we can look forward to other breakthroughs that are not centralized.  For instance, there’s a company called PlasmERG that is set to produce a 3rd generation “Papp Engine” that functions like a sealed Sterling Engine but uses noble (inert) gases.   A single charge of noble gas (costs $0.71) would last a few months and the engine could be used to turn a generator for power.   Of course, this engine has zero emissions and can run in space or underwater.  It also has hardly any kind of fuel use that could be continually taxed.

You are not hearing about any of this stuff on the news because the NWO Globalists (and the governments of the world, which are their minions) don’t want you to have independent power and be off the grid.  They don’t want to lose their monopoly of fossil fuels and centralized nuclear energy power generation, which makes them tremendous amounts of money.  They don’t want to lose the capability to kill off mass portions of humanity via a nuclear “accident,” kind of  like what we’re seeing happening as I type this, or even a nuclear war.  And, most of all, they don’t want to lose their dominance over the peoples of the Earth, since their plan all along was to take it over and kill off their competition and only “their kind” would survive.

We better wise up and quit listening to their lies, because we haven’t needed them for at least 100 years, when Tesla wanted to give the world Free Energy but was shut down by JP Morgan because Morgan claimed he couldn’t “put a meter on it.”

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