Blue SuperMoon of August 2023

Best 20frames of 87, 1 ms each, stacked with AutoSkakert. QHY183c at 0C cooling, gain 11, offset 50, UV/IR filter, Astro-Tech AT60ED at F/4.8.

This session was also a test for a new SkyWatcher GTi mount with EQMOD software, which worked right out the box, since I’ve been using it with my Atlas EQ-G for years. I didn’t have to reconfigure anything for it to work, which was great.

After the moon, I did some guiding tests and took some 60 second images with only a UV/IR filter, despite the heavy LP at my location.  Not too bad, but definitely harder to process out.   I tested on the Crescent Nebula and the M22 globular cluster.   11×60 for the Crescent and 30×60 for M22:

Crescent Nebula. 11×60 sec, QHY183c, AT60ED at F/4.8.
M22 Globular 30×60 sec, QHY183c, AT60ED at F/4.8.