Comet Hyakutake, March 23, 1996

Comet Hyakutake, March 23, 1996
Comet Hyakutake, March 23, 1996

Probably the biggest comet I’ve ever seen, Comet Hykutake in 1996 was truly something extraordinary.  I remember being at a rest stop that was being constructed on I-49, north of Opelousas, LA.   It was a perfect place since it was so dark.  But, a few people would drive in and pass by me.  A couple cars stopped and asked what I was seeing.  I told one group to get out the car and look up.   Hyakutake stretched half-way across the sky – a huge comet with a tremendous tail.   It was breathtaking from a dark sky location.   They were dumbstruck after seeing it, not realizing that a magnificent comet was right over their heads and they never noticed it.

Here’s a few more images:


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  1. Mike, I have almost the exact same picture of Hyakutake as the top one of the three bottom pictures on this page. We must have taken them on the same night only a half hour apart or so. I don’t have the data for when I took it. I have the digitized image on my computer so it isn’t as good as the original but the stars are all in the correct places. I did not have the opportunity to piggyback so mine was only on a tripod. I found the picture on a google search looking for one that was close in appearance to mine. Mine was taken in Ohio.

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