The Lunar Eclipse of Nov 8th, 2022

AutoStakkert processing of 41 sub-images with the best 20 used for the moon. The background stars were processed in IRIS and all 41 sub-images were used. The two images were then composited together. Equipment: TPO (Askar) 180mm UltraWide Astrophotography Lens (40mm objective, F/4.5) and a QHY183c at -20C, gain 11, offset 17, exposures of 4 seconds each.

Enhanced version of above with harder push on star brightness.

10 sub-images added together in AutoStakkert with color and sharpening in PS. Astra Image Maximum Entropy Deconvolution PS plug-in filter used for final sharpening.

I woke up at about 3:00 am after just a few hours of sleep to catch this.  I had setup the scope earlier that evening and was ready.   I have images from throughout the event, but these were the better ones during totality.

Canon T3 with Astro-Tech AT60ED scope at F/4.8, 4 seconds at ISO 800.

Bonus:  In addition to the eclipsed moon, in the wide angle crops or full-frame images, the planet Uranus and at least one of its moons are visible at the extreme left edge:


The LIVE shots I posted to IG while taking the images: