Meteor Fireball Influx Increase – Something Wicked This Way Comes

Joe Quinn, who writes for on occasion, put together this video and described it like this:  “In case you haven’t noticed, over the past 10 years or so, our planet and its inhabitants have been experiencing a veritable ‘invasion’ of space rocks of all types. What does this mean for humanity?”

Essentially, this is the same hypothesis I hold – that the increase in meteor fireballs and bolides are cyclical. They are related to an influx of comet debris from the Oort Cloud and the regular perturbations of the cloud that causes this influx are related to a binary partner to our Sun that has gone unnoticed – until now.

What if the Earth’s 25,771 year axial precession cycle is not related to the wobble of the Earth on its axis but is related to the solar system moving around a common center of gravity with another Star?   What if that star passed close to our Oort Cloud of comets and stirred them up in the geologically recent past, and a whole storm of them are about to crash into the inner solar system?  In fact, the first vanguard of smaller comets could already be here and are breaking up and filling the inner solar system with debris that we are now seeing as an increased fireball flux:

Fireball Meteor Reports 2006 – Feb 2019. American Meteor Society.

If this has been going on since at least 2008 when the uptick became noticeable on the graph above, why did we not hear about this until now?  What is it about this data that obviously scares some people into not talking about it?

Is it because the Powers That Be (PTB) do not want us to know?  They tell us the comets are coming from someplace beyond the orbits of the planets but they are totally random in their behavior.  The Oort Cloud was theorized as the place they come from.  I agree with that theory.  But, it has to have something that kick starts the influx, in my opinion.

The Oort Cloud. Image by Wikipedia

They claim it is just random stuff and there is no pattern. But, there are patterns all over the place in the geologic record.  There are patterns in the climatic record.  We are finding out now that in the recent geologic past, a huge cooling event took place and it was probably caused by a comet impact.  Was that the last time the influx from the Oort Cloud was in progress?  All questions that as of yet, I do not have answers for.  But, I’m working on it.

In the meantime, here’s another video on precession and it gives you a better idea on exactly what physical processes are happening and why:

The precession of the equinox caused by our solar system being part of a binary star system has so much predictive power and answers questions about the ancient past that until now, we were totally unaware of.  Ancient societies apparently knew about this and their writings and monuments all contain evidence of it.  In fact, their main goal was to leave behind data that would indicate to future generations what this pattern was and how to calculate and track it.  Most of the ancient monuments that we’ve found are calendar and astronomical event tracking systems with an emphasis on the precessional cycle.  The ancients obviously considered it VITAL that we know this information.  Why?

Stonehenge - Wikipedia

Stonehenge – Wikipedia Image

There are lots of scientists who claim that the binary model of precession is poppycock and pseudo-science.  The guardians of the current paradigm do not want anyone to upset their apple cart, so to speak.  They have a vested interest to keep the funding flowing for their brand of science.  They also keep everyone ignorant of the true realities of our existence.  This is by design.  The PTB have long since decided that only they can be privy to the secrets of the Universe since they are the masters of us all.  That’s how they keep their power.

It is time we shatter this illusion that the PTB have created for us and view the true reality that has been there all along.  Look behind the curtain, people!   The illusion only has so much time left before it is gone and the true reality sets in.  They won’t be able to hide it anymore if the comet impacts start happening.

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