The Pleiades in 10 Minutes – In Lots of LP

M45, the Pleiades. 10×120 sec @ ISO 100, TV-85 at F/5.6, Canon T3, Atlas EQ-G w/EQMOD.

It is surprising that you could get the Merope nebulousity in the Pleiades to show up under severe light pollution (LP) with just 10 minutes of exposure.  It was definitely transparent this night, so that helped.  Processing was no fun, however.   Nasty red LP took its toll.

Update Feb 5, 2017:

I did a guiding test on  Feb 3rd and used M45 as my target.  I shot lots of sub-images with 15 and 30 second exposures.   I took the best 74 and combined those with the above data is this is what I got:

M45 – 74×15 sec @ ISO 1600 added to 5×120 sec @ ISO 100 or about 28 minutes of integration.

It certainly smoothed out that muddy-looking background LP remnant splotchy-ness appearance.  Not too bad for shooting from a location next to shopping center parking lots.  lol

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