Confessions of an X Big-Bang Theory Guy


I’ve got a confession to make.  I’m not a big-bang theory proponent anymore.  While I still do not have a favorite theory of how the universe came into being, I do not think it was the way main stream science currently promotes.  In fact, being a long-time infowarrior, I’ve come to the conclusion that what gets promoted today as “science” is probably far from the truth.

Think about it – when science was open in the 1900′s through the 1930′s, the developments in physics and study of radioactivity led to the development of the atomic bomb.  Since that time, why would governments fighting for technological supremacy in weaponry let it be known how things really work if they wanted to maintain an edge?  Would they instead try to hide their latest successful theories?  That would be my assumption.

Since cosmology impacts so many other disciplines, I would think that some in the scientific community have been leading us down the wrong path to maintain the secrets on how the universe truly works.  Far up in the hierarchy, they work with the real solutions to the equations, and we the peons only get to see what they want us to see.

Paul A. M. Dirac – Wikipedia Image

Take for example the great physicist, Paul A. Dirac.  His Relativistic Schrodinger wave equation of the hydrogen atom is probably the most elegant ever produced. It is said to describe everything that waves. Don Hotson, an amateur researcher, wondered why scientists at the time threw away half of the root solutions to the equations.  The negative energy root solutions were normalized and done away with and forgotten about.  None of the current theories in physics or quantum mechanics use them.  Hotson said to himself, what if we go back 70 years and proceed to explain the universe by keeping Dirac’s two negative energy solutions intact? Well, to cut to the chase, the theory he developed can explain lots of things currently unexplained by mainstream physics, including what exactly is gravity and how it works.  Don wrote two papers on the subject and I’ve read them both, plus I am in the middle of reading a commentary on the papers by Bill Zebuhr. Fascinating, to say the least.

But, now you get the idea.  We can’t trust the elite in the scientific community to give us the right answers because they are probably compromised by the globalists and/or part of their group.  They are at least 70 years ahead of us and we are falling further and further behind them. They’ve been treating us like mushrooms, feeding us BS and keeping us in the dark.

It is time we shake off the blinders, people!  Whatever the elite are against, is probably the right direction to proceed.  For example, free energy technology and the study of UFO’s.  They’ve been deriding these two subjects for as long as I can remember.  Also, I would lean towards bringing back the Ether/Aether as a viable theory, since Hotson’s work leans towards that direction, too.

In summation, you’ve probably seen by now that these people lie to us all the time.  What makes you think anything as important as the study of cosmology and physics is any different? Ponder that a while and let me know what you think.

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