Horse Head Nebula Region Composite

Horse Head Nebula Region. BW 93×30 sec as lum layer on 180×8 sec color composite. QHY183c, Gain 30, -15C, TV-85 at F/5.6.

I’ve been trying to get enough data in one session for a rendition of the Horse Head with my new camera.  Each time, my session was cut short due to trees in the way, the break of dawn or clouds.  This morning was no exception and clouds ruined my session even before the sun could.

No matter.  I took all the short, incomplete sessions I had and combined the data into one composite image.   I even used the BW stuff I had before I got the camera working correctly with the right drivers.   I estimate I have about 70 minutes of time in the above image, with up to 4 separate stacks combined into it.

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