Mystery Booms and Advanced Military Weapons

A while back, I commented on a post on another site about the recent wave of mysterious booms and sounds being heard around the world and possible links to military activity. The post is no longer available. But, in it, I hypothesized that a new weapon based on new principles might be responsible for the booms being heard, as well as the damage to trees and animals that was seen in some areas, particularly in southern Michigan at the very end of May, 2012.

What got me to thinking about this is an article I read about Linda Moulton Howe’s research into “AttoTechnology” and an interview she conducted with an x-military guy. The previous link is a short summary at, which I’ll summarize briefly here: The x-military guy was involved in a test of a directed energy weapon (DEW) in late 1993 some place overseas. The witness claimed that the weapon could shoot basketball-sized holes through and through 10 feet of concrete from 10 miles away and do it by shooting through the Earth, since at that distance, the curvature of the Earth would put the object below the horizon. Also, there’s an article on the internet that was written during the war in Iraq that might be about this same technology.

I initially developed the hypothesis on the boom phenomenon based on assuming it had an unnatural explanation and could possibly be military related. The reason is because of the recent events in the Michigan area with residents hearing the mysterious booms and nearly simultaneously there are a plethora of reports of intense military activity and possible radiological events going on there, too. In fact, at the time of this writing (June 2012,) there is a joint US/Canadian military exercise going on this month in Michigan and surrounding areas.

I found more information in an article I’ve dug up entitled, “The Suppression of Inconvenient Facts in Physics,” by Rochus Boerner and it ties in with the above information.  Below is the relevant info from the article.

Quoting Boerner in a section of the paper called, “Anti-Gravity”:

“In 1992, Russian scientist Eugene Podkletnov published claims to have observed partial gravitational shielding above a rotating superconductor[68]. The scientific establishment reacted with scorn and dismissed the claims on a-priori grounds[69]…

…Podkletnov was subsequently thrown out of the university. But despite the controversy, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama decided to investigate his claims[71]. The first attempt at replication failed, but it had been conducted without sufficient knowledge of the original experiment[72]. As of 2002, NASA was still working on a second attempt.

Podkletnov now says that he can generate repulsive force beams. According to Nick Cook,

‘Meanwhile, Mr Podkletnov, now based at the Moscow Chemical Scientific Research Center, has taken his ideas further. Last year he published another paper – backed by Giovanni Modanese, an Italian physicist, detailing work on an ‘impulse gravity generator’ that is capable of exerting a repulsive force on all matter.

Using a strong electrical discharge source and a superconducting ‘emitter’, the equipment has produced a ‘gravity impulse’, Mr Podkletnov says, “that is very short in time and propagates with great speed (practically instantaneously) along the line of discharge, passing through different objects without any observable loss of energy’.

The result, he maintains, is a repulsive action on any object the beam hits, that is proportional to its mass. When fitted to a laser pointing device, Mr Podkletnov says, his laboratory installation has already demonstrated its ability to knock over objects more than a kilometer away. The same installation, he maintains, could hit objects up to 200km away with the same power.’[72]…”

OK, Podkletnov created a repulsive force beam that can knock over objects at 200km (124 miles) away. Now, that’s pretty strong. And the way Podkletnov claims it can pass through objects without energy loss and along straight-line trajectories sounds just like what Linda Moulton Howe wrote about in her May 25, 2012 article on AttoTechnology.

Further down in the article, Boeing is said to have worked on this stuff after Podkletnov reported on his work in 1992. Linda Howe’s article is an interview with an x-military guy who witnesses a test of a directed energy weapon (DEW) in December of 1993. What if Boeing took Podkletnov’s work and expanded it to create the repulsive force beam at powers that make it work like an instantaneous projectile weapon that could not only push an object but punch a hole right through it? It would be like an enormous cannon capable of hitting targets at immense distances and it shoots through and through the Earth. A fully developed weapon such as this would be probably the best “toy” in the arsenal. Exercises with the device would be done to perfect its usage.

Are the events in Michigan related to tests or exercises with this weapon? Or, extrapolating further, are they shooting it at someone in a war that is being clandestinely conducted? Who or what could they be shooting it at, if the above is true? Finally, could this weapon be the reason for the mysterious booms and sounds being heard throughout the world?

All questions that remain unanswered for now. But, I’m thinking, like me, most of you would be curious to find out exactly what is going on here. If I find anything else, I’ll try and give updates in the comments. But for now, keep your eyes, ears and mind open, for I suspect this will only get more interesting as time goes on.

Update Jan 10, 2013:

Dr. Evgeny Podkletnov on the Impulse Gravity-Generator
By Tim Ventura & Dr. Evgeny Podkletnov, April 10th, 2006

Here’s something I found that brings it all together. An interview with Dr. Podkletnov that includes diagrams of his apparatus and some juicey tidbits of his results. For example:

“In 2001, Dr. Evgeny Podkletnov began publishing a series of scientific papers detailing the experimental results of what he called an “impulse gravity generator”. The device reportedly produced hundreds of pounds of gravitational force in a non-diverging beam, capable of “punching holes through concrete and warping metal like hitting it with a sledgehammer”. Podkletnov further added that this beam produced no recoil on the superconducting emitter itself, and that a radiation had been produced behind the device creating a molecular juxtaposition between plastics, metals, and living tissues similar to that described in the Hutchison Effect. This document is the result of 3 interviews between 2004 and 2006 that attempt to document and further clarify his remarkable experimental claims…”

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