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Halley's Comet March 1986 

Comet Hyakutake March 1996

Comet Hale-Bopp 1997

Leonid Meteor Storm November 2001

Mars Closest Approach August of 2003

Lunar Eclipse November 8th, 2003
Lunar Eclipse Movie

First Light - Toucam WebCam CCD Imaging November 29/30, 2003

The Moon on 12/01/03

Saturn & Jupiter on 12/22/03

Saturn on 03/09/04

Lunar Eclipse October 27, 2004

Nikon Coolpix 8700 Astrophotos 12/12/04

Comet Machholz 
12/13/04 Images
12/28/04 Images
1/1/05 Images
1/3/05 Images
1/8/05 Images
1/11/05 Image
1/14/05 Image
2/4/05 Image

Saturn on 12/19/04

Andromeda Galaxy & The Pleiades 12/28/04

Deep Sky Images 1/8/05

Lunar Madness Jan '05

Orion Nebula at Prime Focus on 2/10/05

Wide Field Images of the Milkyway on 7/3/05

DeepSky Objects of the Summer Milkyway on 7/9/05 and 7/13/05

3 Image Milky Way Mosaic on 7/16/05

500mm F/5.6 Mirror Lens Testing

More 500mm Images 8/6/05

Andromeda Galaxy 350mm F/4  Lens

Misc. August 2005 Images

M13 Globular Cluster & Ring Nebula on 8/22/05

Mars on 8/25/05 & 8/26/05

First Computer Guided Image 8/31/05

September '05 Images: The Pinwheel Galaxy
The Helix Nebula
The Swan Revisited

Venus, Jupiter and the Moon
The Ring Revisited
Mars on 9/11/05
Mars on 9/14/05
Lagoon Nebula on 9/19/05
Eagle Nebula on 9/21/05

Mars on 9/29/05
First Light - 102mm F/5

October '05 Images:
The Pleiades on 10/5/05
Mars on 10/5/05
Swan Nebula 10/06/05
The North American Nebula
M33 Project - In progress
Luna - 10/11/05
Mars on 10/14/05
Mars on 10/16/05
Mars Movie 10/19/05!
N. Amer. Nebula on 10/21/05
Mars on 10/22/05
Mars on 10/23/05

Mars Closest 10/30/05
Horsehead at the DSRSG
Andromeda Galaxy DSRSG
Progress Report: M33

Helix Nebula at the DSRSG

November '05 Images:
Mars on 11/5/05
Mars at Opposition, 11/7/05
Mars - Olympus Mons Movie
Saturn is Back!  11/12/05
Mars on 11/14/05
More Mars Images 11/18, 11/21 and 11/24/05!
The Veil Nebula
The Andromeda Galaxy

December '05 Images:
Mars on 12/15/05
The Orion Nebula 12/19/05
Horse Head & Flame Nebula
Saturn on 12/23/05
M42 at C-8 Prime Focus
NGC-253 on 12/26/05

January '06 Images:

The Orion Nebula on 1/2/06
M33 Spiral Galaxy on 1/3/06
First Light: Hutech Rebel 350 XT
Andromeda Galaxy and Orion Region on 1/17/06
Horse Head Nebula on 1/18/06
The Rosette Nebula on 1/27/06
Pleiades, Rosette and The Belt of Orion - 1/29/06
The Horse Head on 1/30/06

February '06 Images:
Galaxies M65 & M66 on 2/5/06
Moon Mosaic & Saturn on 2/7/06
California Nebula on 2/13/06
Jupiter on 2/14/06
The Cone Nebula Region on 2/26/06

March '06 Images:
M65 & M66 Galaxies Revisited
Saturn: Raw vs. Normal
NGC-4565 and Friends with the Comet Catcher 3/21/06
Hi-Res Image 3/25/06 - NGC-4565 at C-8 Prime Focus
The Whirlpool Galaxy on 3/26/06 - At C-8 Prime Focus
M13 Globular Cluster on 3/24/06

April '06 Images:
Comet 73P/SW on 4/9/05
M13 Globular on 4/10/06
Saturn & Jupiter 4/15/06
Comet 73/P-C on 4/19/06
M53 Globular on 4/19/06
M105 & Friends on 4/20/06
Comet 73/P-C on 4/23/06
Sombrero Galaxy on 4/23/06
Galaxy Pair M95 & M96 4/22/06

Comet 73/P-C Breakup on 4/23/06
More of Comet 73/P 4/28/06
The "Black Eye" Galaxy

May '06 Images:
Comet 73/P-B on 5/4/06
Whirlpool Galaxy Revisited
The Moon on 5/6/06
Comet 73/P-B on 5/12/06
M101 in Bright Moonlight 5/12/06
Comet 73/P-B Again 5/13/06
M13 on a Full Moon Night
Jupiter w/Shadow Transit on 5/14/06

Comet 73/P-B with a Long Tail!  5/17/06
Omega Centauri Globular Cluster on 5/19/06
NGC-5128 Galaxy on 5/21/06
M101 Galaxy Again - 5/20/06

The Whale Galaxy on 5/25/06
The Ring Nebula on 5/28/06

June '06 Images:
The "Splinter Galaxy" on 6/3/06
Jupiter Animation on 6/8/06
M4 Globular Cluster
The Dumbbell Nebula on 6/10/06
The Sunflower Galaxy on 6/13/06

M5 Globular on 6/14/06
M13 Globular on 6/22/06
The Trifid Nebula on 6/25/06
The Swan Nebula on 6/24/06
M92 Globular on 6/25/06

July '06 Images:
The Dumbbell Nebula 7/15/06
M4 Globular Cluster 7/18/06
The Lagoon Nebula 7/18/06
The Veil Nebula on 7/22/06

The Eagle Nebula on 7/30/06

August '06 Images:
M71 Globular  on 8/3/06

Wild Duck Cluster on 8/3/06
Milky Way on 8/14/06
Andromeda Galaxy on 8/28/06
The Pelican Nebula on 8/30/06

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Comet Tuttle Dec'07



Hi!  I'm Mike Broussard.  Welcome to my home page!    

This is my work-in-progress webpage for my personal interests.    Synergy ITG, which is where I work, let me put it up here.  I have had other web sites on the internet on and off since 1995.  This is it's latest incarnation. 

Well, take a look around.  I am an amateur astronomer, so the slant for my site is astrophotography.  Among the links in the sidebar area to the left are pictures of comets, the moon, some planets, meteors and deep sky objects.  The newest images are linked at the bottom of the page.  

If you enjoy looking at my pictures, send me some email and let me know.   I enjoy taking pictures like this very much and enjoy sharing them via the Internet with all of you even more!

Thanks for visiting.  Enjoy your stay.   :-)



My Celestron C-8 Telescope, 2000mm F/10




The Andromeda Galaxy




Mars on 10/05/05




The Great Orion Nebula




Saturn on 12/23/05




Jupiter on 4/16/06




Milky Way on 8/14/06




Dumbbell Nebula on 7/15/06

















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