The Sombrero Galaxy

M104, the Sombrero Galaxy. Taken in May of 2008, revamped in May of 2018. 7×300 @ ISO 800, Canon XT, TV-85 at F/5.6

One of my favorite galaxies.   I like all edge-on galaxies and this one has a uniqueness to it that makes it special.   The original had a splotchy background and the color was muted and dull.   I increased saturation and shifted the color balance to be more bluish.  I used the add noise PS filters to get the background to look smoother.

Two Globular Clusters with the 6 Inch, F/8 Newt

M13. 70×4 sec, Gain 3704, RT Sony IMX224, Orion 6 inch, F/8 Newtonian.

Here are two globular clusters, M13 and M4, that I took with an Orion 6 inch F/8 newt and a Rising Tech Sony IMX224 eyepiece cam.

M4 Globular Cluster. 27×4 sec, RT Sony IMX224, Orion 6in, F/8 Newtonian.

I reworked the first M13 image and tried for better color.   Here’s what I got:

M13. 70×4 sec, Gain 3704, RT Sony IMX224, Orion 6 inch, F/8 Newtonian. Version 5.

Jupiter – Mar 23, 2018

Jupiter on March 23, 2018. 25 best frames out of 291. RT Sony IMX224, Orion 6in, F/8 with a Televue 2X Barlow.

An image of Jupiter, finally!   Its been ages since I shot it with a high-res setup.   The 6 inch, F/8 Newt I used was barely up to the task, but it did produce a usable image.   Seeing was poor, but otherwise it was a beautiful morning with beautiful and very transparent skies.

Plato and the Alpine Valley, Feb 26, 2018

Plato and the Alpine Valley, Feb 26, 2018. RT Sony IMX224, 6 inch, F/8 with Televue 2x Barlow (F/16.). Best 25 out of 100 frames.

For this imaging session of the Moon, I wanted to try shooting at 2400 mm focal length using a 2x Barlow with my 6 inch, F/8 Newtonian scope and Sony IMX224 eyepiece cam.  This was done in preparation to get some shots of Jupiter I’ve been meaning to do.   Conditions for this session were marginal, at best, however.

I had clouds galore and seeing was very poor.   I only managed three captures before the clouds came in force and shut me down.   At least I got a chance to try the rig on something easy before I attempt capturing Jupiter with it.

I left the mount setup outside and took in the scope and laptop, thinking that I could get Jupiter when I woke up the following morning.   Unfortunately, the skies were no better than the night before and although I could see Jupiter, clouds were coming and going over it.   So, no luck with getting Jupiter, just yet.    Maybe next time…

Tycho Crater

Tycho Crater – Feb 26 2018. Best 25 frames of 100. RT Sony IMX224, 6 in, F/8 Newt.

A view of Tycho crater on the Moon taken Feb 26, 2018.   It was taken with a 6 inch, F/8 Newtonian and a RT Sony IMX224 eyepiece cam.    Best 25 frames out of 100.

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