Night of December 10th/11th, 2023, Sightseeing Tour

The only serious image out the bunch was the Soul Nebula.   It was the only one I planned for and was my main target.  I managed to get 3.8 hours on it, with .8 hr on one side of the peer and the other 3 hrs on the other.  BTW, all images were taken with a QHY294c, a UHC-S filter and a AT60ED on a SkyWatcher GTi goto mount in Bortle 7-8 skies.

Soul Nebula – 76x180sec,Gain1600

The rest of the images were mostly done with 30 sec exposures at high gain (i.e., 3000. I normally keep it at 1600.)  Like I said, I was sightseeing and doing an EAA experiment.

The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula area was the longest of the 30-sec shots, 240 x 30 seconds.  I still had to combine it with about 30% blend of a 90 minute exposure taken with another camera, but the same scope.  It was still too noisy even after 240 subs.

Elephant’s Trunk – 240×30 sec, (plus 30×180 sec at 30% blend.)

So, the 30 sec high gain experiment for EAA type imaging is not up to par with what I could do with the QHY183c camera.   It did well on open clusters, at least.  Oh, well.  Live and learn, as they say.

Comet 12P – 72×30 sec
M67 – 60×30 sec
Seagull Nebula – 28×30 sec
M44 – 93×30 sec

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