Running Man Nebula and The Orion Nebula Mosaic

2-Panel Mosaic of the Running Man Nebula and The Orion Nebula, taken Nov 18-19, 2020. About 140×30 sec for Running Man panel and 169×30 sec plus 134 minutes from Nov 22, 2020 for the Orion Nebula. QHY183c at -20C, Gain 37, Offset 200, L-eNhance Filter, Televue TV-85 at F/5.6.

Gain was too high for this project.  The over-saturated areas caused column/row artifacts which created dark horizontal bands on either side of the brightest part of the core.  It was difficult to deal with in post-processing.  Next time, I want to try some low-gain, longer exposures instead to see if the banding problem goes away.

For fun, I combined this image with my M42 project image that included all my best data to date.   Here is the results of that mix:

M42 Project – Best image data as of Nov 2020.

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