Comet 38P – Sony IMX224

Comet 38P on Nov 3, 2018, 10:45 UT. 6×30 sec, Sony IMX224, TV-85 at F/5.6. ToupSky Live Capture.

Comet 38P along with comet 46P are both peaking this fall/winter.   38P will stay relatively dim, but at least it has a tail.  This image of it was just a test of the Sony IMX224 on a half-decent comet.

I really wanted to shoot it with my DSLR and I was going to, but the weather changed abruptly Saturday night late and Sunday morning was clouded out.  Heck, it even rained before sunrise.   I had to tear down the rig before the comet was out with the fast change in weather.  Darn the bad luck!

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