Another Supermoon?

Yep, the Supermoon lives again. 50 frames stacked per panel and two panels for this shot (top and bottom.)

The moon still appears full and tonight (Sunday, Dec 3, 2017) is supposed to be the night when it is actually at its largest and closest to Earth at perigee.

It looked bigger to me the night before, but I guess that was because the weather was better.   🙂   To find out, I made an animated GIF that compares the 4 days worth of images:

Animated GIF of the Moon for 4 days starting with Nov 30 and ending on Dec 3, 2017.

It does look like the 4th moon is bigger than the others!   So, it was worth it to re-setup the scope and get the shot.   Lucky for me the sky cleared long enough to do it.   Later that evening, the clouds arrived in force and it hasn’t been clear since.

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