Moon and Mars Conjunction/Occultation of Dec 7th, 2022

Moon and Mars. 37 x 1/1000 sec, Gain 11, Offset 17, Astronomik L-3 UV/IR filter, QHY183c at -20C, TPO (Askar) 40mm, F/4.5, Atlas EQ-G.

Tiny Mars right below the full moon of Dec 2022.  Here in Cajun Country, we saw a near miss of Mars being occulted.  Further north and west was where you could see it go behind the Moon.

I used the smallest scope I have to take this (only 180mm of focal length) because it was ready to go and I didn’t have much time to prep.  Sure wish I would have had my old C-8  for this instead.  Oh, well…

This crop is at 100% of the camera’s native resolution.

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