Two Images from Laptop Test and Guider Testing

Mirach and his Ghost.  140×30 sec, QHY183c, Gain 20, Offset 42, Televue TV-85 at F/5.6, UHC filter.
M81 & M82. 354×15 sec, QHY183c, Gain 42, Offset 42, Televue TV-85 at F/5.6, UHC filter.

I was testing a used i7 laptop for use with SharpCap 3.2 under a bright moon on Saturday night, Nov 9, 2019 and the session yielded two images so far from the data.  I was also testing a different guide camera.  I switched from the Orion StarShoot mono cam to my Rising Tech IMX224 color eyepiece cam.

I had mixed results in testing. It was promising at first, but after several hours, some instabilities with SharpCap and the guider cam means I still have work to do to debug some possible driver and compatibility issues.   Oh, well.  At least the new laptop seems to be able to stream the camera data better than the old Panasonic ToughBook I was using.

As far as the two images, the top one was the first object I imaged since I used it to do alignment and focusing .  I really wanted to see the “ghost” since I missed out getting it on Halloween.   It is a crop centered around the star and galaxy at 100% resolution.

The second one was in the muck and between the bright moonlight, the LP and the terrible seeing, I thought it would be hopeless, but I managed to pull out some data that at least shows some of the spiral structure of M81.   It is the full field of the camera.  The linked image is at 50% reduction from the full size, 20MP final image.

Pretty clear night but the seeing sucked bad.   The moon, which I did not shoot this night, was at 89%.   Normally, I would not shoot on a night like this, but I had some testing to do, which was a good enough reason to get out.

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