Tycho Crater

Tycho Crater – Feb 26 2018. Best 25 frames of 100. RT Sony IMX224, 6 in, F/8 Newt.

A view of Tycho crater on the Moon taken Feb 26, 2018.   It was taken with a 6 inch, F/8 Newtonian and a RT Sony IMX224 eyepiece cam.    Best 25 frames out of 100.

2 thoughts on “Tycho Crater”

  1. Hi Mike:

    May we have your permission to use this Tycho image for :04 seconds on-screen in an internet video about Apollo 17? The context is: some of that mission’s samples of ejecta are traceable to the asteroid strike that created Tycho 108 MY ago.

    What would you consider a reasonable fee for this use?

    And, if you grant permission, how should the Credit read?

    Thank you!

  2. Yes, you may use this image. All my work is free of charge. Just credit me, Mike Broussard of cajunastro.com. Thanks!

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