M51 Spiral Galaxy – Sony IMX224

M51 Spiral Galaxy on 12/13/2017. 81×20 sec @ 1832 Gain, Rising Tech Sony IMX224, Televue TV-85, SharpCap 2.9.

Here’s an object I’ve been itching to shoot with the RT IMX224 cam.   This is only 27 minutes worth of 20 sec exposures!    🙂

I think that between 500 and 1000 subs would really be what this object needs with this setup.     In the meantime, I put the above image together with 25 minutes of DSLR camera data taken with the same scope.   Check it out:

M51 – 27 minutes IMX224 and 25 minutes with a DSLR (at a dark site) combined.

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