Comet 41P on April 4, 2017

Comet 41P, Apr 4, 2017, 06:44 UT. 40×120 sec @ ISO 800, IDAS-LPS, Canon T3, Televue TV-85 at F/5.6.

Taken from a Bortle Red/White zone, this image is 40 sub-images of 120 seconds each at ISO 800.   This is double than what I was able to do before.   The inclusion of an IDAS-LPS drop-in filter for my Canon T3 allowed this one stop of extra exposure.    So, now I know how much the drop-in filter blocks, which is quite a bit.

Comet 41P, Apr 4, 2017, 06:44 UT. Star-Streaks version.

Regardless of the above, the gradients and the color shift from removing that much LP still make processing difficult and tedious.  I am glad I can drive just 30 minutes and get to a spot dark enough to be camera noise limited instead of skyfog limited.  It is such a joy to process images that have low LP levels.    🙂


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