Veil Nebula Site Test

Veil Nebula, Oct 1, 2022. 7 x 240 sec, Gain 11, Offset 100, 65×30 sec, Gain 30, Offset 60, QHY183c at -15C/-20C, UV/IR filter, Astro Tech AT61ED at F/4.8.

I have a new imaging location I tested out for this session.  I only shot one object, the Veil nebula, with various exposures to see what the results would be.  No filters except a UV/IR (clear) and exposures up to 4 minutes per sub-image.

This is 7×4 minute subs plus 65×30 sec subs for a total of about an hour of integration.   I could have almost doubled the 4 min exposures to 8,  since the LP was minimal.   But, I only had darks up to 4 minutes long and was not going to burn time shooting more, so those were the longest.

Conditions were very good, very transparent, average seeing and not too cold.  I was not prepared to stay all night, unfortunately and I should have brought along my insulated coveralls.   It got a little chilly just sitting at the computer and not moving.

Update:  I had some data of the same object taken from the city using an L-eNhance filter and the same scope, so I mixed a little bit of that in as luminance for just the nebula to see how that would look:

Enhanced with 1 hr of additional L-eNhance Filter Data from a previous session (just the Nebula.)


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