8 Seconds to Orion

M42 taken with an Rising Tech Sony IMX 224 camera and 100×4 second and 200×8 second sub-images. TV-85 at F/5.6, Atlas EQ-G w/EQMOD, PHD Guiding2 and Sharpcap 2.9.
The data from above with an additional 400 frames added in Sharpcap, making it a 700-subs image. Kinda reminds me of my old planetary imaging days. lol

Who knew just a few years ago that I would be shooting 8 second sub-images and building up images that rival my best efforts with a DSLR camera and 180 second sub-images.  Now, all I have to do is save up for one of these new breed of Sony CMOS cameras with lots more mega-pixels that can match the resolutions I get with my Canon cameras.    They are not too costly anymore and the results speak for themselves.

Blended rendition of the 700 subs image using the central region of the 300 frame image and some of its color.

BTW, this was shot with the bright moon nearby.   I got him, too, though!  🙂

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