The Pleiades and Comet C/2012 L2 (LINEAR)

The Pleiades and C/2012 L2 (Linear)
The Pleiades and C/2012 L2 (Linear).  40×15 sec @ ISO 800, Canon 200mm, F/2.8.

I struck out trying to image Comet Panstarrs on Sunday evening, March 24, 2013.  It was just too short of a time to find it in bright twilight, bright moonlight and with its low altitude.  However, I tried something to redeem myself while I still had the equipment setup.  I shot the Pleiades with a bunch of 15 second unguided exposures.   I managed to catch them and Comet C/2012 L2 (Linear) in the shot.    This is cropped down quite a bit to just the cluster and comet.

By the way, the comet is in the lower right.  Its that small greenish smudge.   🙂

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