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Orion’s Belt Wide Field

Orion's Belt w/200mm F/2.8.  13x120 sec @ ISO 1600, Lumicon Deep Sky Filter.
Orion’s Belt w/Canon 200mm telephoto at F/2.8, 13×120 sec @ ISO 1600, Lumicon Deep Sky Filter, Canon XS (modifed.)

It was very clear on this night at one point and Lovejoy had set, so I shot a few sub-images of Orion’s Belt to kill some time.  Although the Lumicon Deep Sky filter lets me go deep, brighter stars have ghost reflections off the filter and I had to clone them out.  There’s still a few remnants of them left.

CG3 Mount Guiding Test

Orion Constellation
Orion Constellation

Here’s a single 30 second exposure with my 28mm F/2.8 lens and my camera mounted on an old CG3 style mount with a simple clock drive.   I had a Bogen ball-head camera mount so I could position the camera.  The mount works well at this focal length for 30 seconds.  Too bad there were clouds.