Comet Machholz
on Jan 3, 2005


Another break in the clouds on Jan 3, 2005 allowed me to take some more astrophotographs of Comet Machholz.   At dusk, the clouds were thick, but later in the night, it completely cleared up!  That clearing lasted until midnight.  I stayed up late and took pictures when it cleared again for a short while after 1:00 a.m on 1/4/05. 


Comet Machholz riding high in the sky on 1/3/05.  Canon Digital Rebel, 1600 ISO, 200mm F/2.8 (320mm Effective F.L.,) 6x30sec.  Post processing included level adjustment to remove light pollution and adjust color balance.


Comet Machholz, C/2004 Q2, the Pleiades and some of the stars of the Taurus constellation are visible in this wide field view taken 1/3/05.  Canon 300D, 1600 ISO, 70mm F/4 (112mm Effective) and 4x30 second exposures.


In this image, which was generated from 7 individual 30 second exposures, I purposefully under processed it to show a more natural looking object.   Not "push processing"  it also keeps the grain to a minimum, just like film.   Canon 300D, 1600 ISO, 200mm F/2.8 (320mm Effective F.L.,) 7x30sec. 

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