More Astrophotographs with the

500mm F/5.6 Mirror Lens


Another clear night on 8/6/05 allowed me to test the Celestron 500mm F/5.6 mirror lens some more.   I got started shooting right after astronomical twilight ended.  I am glad I got started early because later on in the night the haze got worse and the sky was really bright..


The Eagle Nebula.  This is a cropped image of a stack of ten 130 second exposures at 800 ISO using the 500mm F5.6 lens.  I used IRIS to do the stacking and processing of all the images I took on this night.  IRIS is fast!  I brought the pics into Photoshop to adjust the sky background with the levels.  I then cropped it to about 60% of it's original size.


M22 Globular Cluster in Sagittarius.  This image is a stack of five 130 second exposures.  This was my best image of the night, I think.  I processed it the same way as the picture above.


The Lagoon Nebula.  This image is a stack of six 125 second exposures.


The Dumbbell Nebula.  This image is a stack of three 160 second exposures.  I cropped this one more than the others, since this planetary nebula is small compared to the other objects I shot above.


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