on 03/09/04


On 3/9/04, the day was beautiful and cloud free, so that night I decided to take out the telescope and get some more pictures of Saturn and Jupiter.   Although it was very clear, the atmosphere was very turbulent, so the Jupiter pictures I took did not come out too well.   I did manage to get one decent picture of Saturn, though.  Here it is, below:

Saturn 03/09/04 - 157 Frames Stacked in Registax


I used my C-8 telescope and a Toucam Pro webcam to take this picture.   The raw image data was an AVI movie of 90 seconds duration and the frame rate was 10 frames/sec.

Software used was K3CCDTools for image acquisition and as mentioned previously in the picture description, Registax for image processing.  I also used Paintshop Pro for post-processing.   I purchased a copy of this software, because it seems to work the best for digital enhancements of my astro photos.     


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