Comet Hyakutake Pictures


Here are some pictures I took during the close approach of Comet Hyakutake in 1996. The image to the right is a high resolution scan by a Microtek Scanner of a regular 3x5" print. I took this picture on the morning of March 23, 1996. The setup was a Nikon FE-2 35mm camera, a Nikor 300mm f/4.5 telephoto lens and Kodak Royal Gold 1000 ASA film. All of the above was mounted atop my Celetron C-8 telescope and guided on the comet's central condensation. This image is 65% size of the original scan, which you can access here (166K). (BTW, the blue haze on the left side of each picture is an artifact from the scanning process.)
This picture is another scan with the Microtek scanner of a regular print. The film is the same as the previous picture (Kodak RG1000) and the exposure time is about 25 seconds. I mounted the camera on a tripod and positioned it to include this telephone post for an idea of the scale of the comet. It was taken on the morning of Sunday, March 24, 1996 at about 3:00am. Press here to see the full size original scan (230K.)
This image was taken on March 23, 1996 with my 50mm f/1.8 and the camera was mounted on my C-8. The exposure time is about 5 minutes. The full size high resolution scan is here. (240K)
This picture was taken on the morning of Saturday, March, 23, 1996 at about 3:00am. I used a 300mm f/4.5 telephoto lens, Kodak Royal Gold 1000 ASA film and an exposure time of about 6 minutes. As before, I mounted the lens atop my C-8 and guided on the comets central condensation. To see the full size scan, press here. (276K)


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