The Moon on 12/01/03

Webcam Images


Here is a two image moon mosaic taken with Toucam Pro 740k Webcam at prime focus of a Celestron C-8 telescope.  I've forgotten the names of the craters visible in this shot, but I think Plato is the biggest one.  Looks like I will  have to study up on my moon geography now that I got my new webcam!  Click on the image for the full size picture.


Here is a shot of the moon's pole and terminator region.   I had fun looking at all the craters on the moon with my new webcam.   Its been ages since I observed the moon and taken pictures of it.  Now its a breeze with the webcam and my laptop computer hooked to my scope!


Another easy to create mosaic of moon images!  Why I did not start doing this a long time ago is beyond me.


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